Scams To Avoid in 2024

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IRS Scams

IRS impersonation scams are a common way for criminals to steal money and personal information.

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Prize Scams

Prize scams lure you in with the promise of big rewards, but ultimately aim to steal your money or personal information.

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Romance Scams

Romance scams involve tricking someone you meet online into a fake relationship. The scammer pretends to have feelings for you, but really they just want your money.

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Grandparents Scams

Grandparent scams target loving grandparents with the intention of tricking them into sending money. Scammers typically impersonate a grandchild (or another relative) in distress, claiming an emergency situation like an accident, arrest, or being stuck overseas. They pressure grandparents to send money quickly and often through untraceable methods like gift cards or wire transfers.

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Fake check scams

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Religious Scams

Religious scams come in a few forms, but all aim to exploit people’s faith and trust.

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