Unexpected Winnings

Technology has improved our lives in many ways. But, cybercriminals and scammers can also take advantage of this technology to trick and defraud us. We have prepared this blog to inform and assist you to recognise and avoid scams.

Scammers now use the latest technology which makes them almost undetectable. The scammers take advantage and attempt to find weak points of your online activities (including electronic fund transfers).

When something is too good to be true, it often is; so take the necessary preventive measures and ask the experts. Please do not be ashamed or embarrassed if you think you have been scammed. Statistics show that nearly all of us have scammed online at some point.

Scammers improve their techniques every day and even make the experts doubt themselves, some scams are sophisticated, well-designed, and almost undetectable.

Scammers prey on people’s good intentions and kind hearts. As Australians, we are often generous and it can be natural for us to want to help people. Stay tuned and read carefully to discover how to recognize and avoid scams.

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