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Driver’s License Fraud

You need your driver’s license for a lot of things: to board a plane, to open a bank account, and of course, to legally drive! It’s no wonder then that some people try to steal a driver’s license so they can do all of these things under a different name—yours.
If someone has been issued a driver’s license in your name, they can completely ruin your reputation without you even realizing it! Of course, traffic violations are a concern, but you should be more worried about them committing worse offenses in your name. If the scammer happens to live in your state, you might run into trouble when it comes time to renew your license.
How to protect yourself from driver’s license fraud
When you discover someone has a fraudulent driver’s license in your name, contact your state DMV to get it shut down right away. You’ll also want to monitor your credit report to make sure the thief isn’t using your information for other types of fraud too.

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